Semi truck accidents can cause tremendous personal injury

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It is difficult to imagine California’s roadways without large commercial semi trucks. These vehicles are a fixture on highways all across the country, and the Orange County area is no different when it comes to truck travel. Semi trucks serve critical functions, and will likely continue to be one of the primary means of moving bulk goods long distances for many years to come. Of course, transportation via commercial truck does come with some substantial drawbacks.

Probably the most notable concern related to commercial trucking is the accidents that they can cause. Because of the size, weight and speed of travel of many of these vehicles, they can demolish other, smaller, vehicles in their paths. Hence, a collision between a semi truck and a car, or even an SUV, tends to put the occupants of that smaller vehicle in grave danger of serious injury or death.

Easton and Easton LLP is a law firm that is dedicated to helping people who suffer personal injury from life-changing events like a commercial truck accident. Our firm’s website details the decades of experience that our attorneys have in handling these complex cases. We know how much can be at stake when a truck accident upends a person’s life. Not only are the people directly involved in the accident affected by it, but in many cases, so too are their families.

Semi truck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, many of which are preventable by either the truck driver or the trucking company. For example, under continuous pressure to timely deliver goods throughout the country, some drivers and their employers may be tempted to haul load sizes that exceed federal regulations. While their reasoning is understandable in some instances, an overloaded truck can lead to many safety concerns and can cause an accident.

Through diligent investigation, our firm has figured out the causes of accidents and determined which parties may be responsible for damages that the accident victims have suffered. People in Orange County who have suffered injury as a result of a truck accident may wish to consider seeking out an experienced attorney to find out their legal options.

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