How costly are motorcycle accidents?

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Any kind of motor vehicle accident can result in a variety of monetary costs that can take a heavy toll on a person’s finances. But motorcycle accidents can be especially costly due to the serious injuries that a rider can suffer from an accident.

Unlike people in cars, SUVs and trucks, motorcyclists are only protected by the safety gear that they wear while riding, like a helmet and padded outerwear. Thus, even accidents that would be minor for people in other kinds of vehicles can leave a motorcycle accident victim with debilitating injuries such as broken bones or head and neck injuries. Among other economic costs, these kinds of injuries can mean that the victim is unable to work for long periods of time, resulting in lost wages.

According to data from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the costs of a fatal motorcycle accident average about $1.2 million. But even non-fatal accidents cost anywhere between $2,500 to a whopping $1.4 million. In total, the GAO data showed that the direct cost of motorcycle accidents in just one year was about $16 billion.

Although this data from the GAO is now a few years old, it still gives insight into just how much motorcycle accidents can cost. Victims may not only have to deal with the high costs of immediate medical care, but also with the expenses of longer-term treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the potential costs of having to take time off of work.

If a motorcyclist in the Orange County area is involved in an accident, he or she may want to consider looking into any available legal options for getting compensation for the accident-related costs. When the accident was caused by someone else, or a group of other people, those people may be legally responsible to the accident victim.

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