Why are CA motorcyclists more likely to be injured in a crash?

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The state of California, and Orange County specifically, is known for its long stretches of beautiful highway. It’s a motorcyclist haven, with long stretches of winding highway that often border on the ocean or scenic overlooks. Living life on a motorcycle is easy to concede, with that picture. However, despite the pretty picture, motorcyclists are still more susceptible to injury in comparison to motor vehicle drivers, which means that a dream ride can quickly turn into a nightmare.

There are a few reasons for the discrepancy in susceptibility. Since motorcyclists are not enclosed in a vehicle, their bodies are left largely unprotected from other vehicles and the road. In addition, motorcycles are smaller, thus harder to see, and do not fare as well when coming into contact with motor vehicles. It is shocking to know that in two-thirds of motorcycle accidentsinvolving another vehicle the driver of the other vehicle violated the motorcycle rider’s right of way and caused the accident. Even more concerning is that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to be killed in an accident than those in passenger vehicles like cars and trucks.

What could cause this? As mentioned, motorcycles are smaller and sometimes other drivers are not mindful enough behind the wheel. If other drivers do not check their blind spots or look carefully into cross traffic, motorcyclists can be caught in the path of a vehicle. Many errant drivers also fail to yield to an oncoming motorcyclists. This often occurs when a motorcyclist is attempting a legal left-hand turn.

In short, there are several reasons why motorcyclists are more susceptible to injuries, especially injuries where another party is responsible. Injuries from motorcycle accidents can be life-altering, leaving victims with significant physical, emotional, and financial losses. Fortunately, compensation may be available to these victims after a tragic accident if they decide to take legal action.

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