Unsafe products can spoil holiday fun

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The holiday season is a time of year when many families and friends in Orange County exchange gifts with each other. Some of those gifts will be the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets, while others may be simpler items like clothes and gift cards. When it comes to children, they tend to get immersed in playing with new toys that they got for the holidays.

One way or another, consumer products seem to take center stage during this time of the year. Regardless of a person’s religion or whether they celebrate any holidays at all, the shopping craze between late November and December can also serve as a reminder about the importance of product safety.

Our Orange County law firm knows all too well that just because a product has commercial appeal and success does not necessarily mean that it is safe for consumers. From basic children’s toys to complicated machines and even automobiles, we understand that any product can pose dangers to consumers.

At Easton & Easton, we have decades of experience handling cases where people have suffered injuries or death from products that were not as safe as they should have been. Even when a product does not have a design or manufacturing defect, that product’s insufficient warnings can still make it dangerous because the consumer will not appreciate certain risks associated with using that product.

We know how to put forth the best legal case possible when fighting against a negligent manufacturer or other party involved in getting a harmful product into the consumer’s hands. Our website contains some helpful information about what to do when negligence on the part of a product’s manufacturer, distributor or retailer leads to injury or loss of life. While our firm’s website is a good starting point, our attorneys can provide more in-depth and case-specific guidance.

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