Dangerous drugs can lead to products liability lawsuits

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In today’s society, cutting-edge technology and its associated innovative developments can be both a blessing and a curse. Modern medicine is a good example of this situation. Thanks to advances in science and technology, the pharmaceutical industry produces medicine for almost every ailment that a person in Orange County could possibly have. From the common cold to life-changing diseases like cancer, new medicines are constantly coming on the market to help people who need it.

While advancement in pharmaceuticals is mostly a good thing for people, it does have some drawbacks. Due to their medical condition, some people must take so much medication that they can become completely dependent on it and cannot function properly without their medicine. Another problem is medicine that gets into the hands of consumers too soon and turns out to be unsafe.

Pharmaceutical companies must adhere to all testing and safety requirements from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before selling a drug to consumers. However, this does not necessarily guarantee that the drug is safe. In some cases, it may take months or even years for doctors and patients to see the dangerous consequences of taking new medicine.

Regardless of whether a drug is new on the market or has been in the hands of doctors and consumers for years, a person who suffers injury or illness from a drug may have a legal cause of action. Through a products liability filing, an injured patient can pursue compensation from a negligent manufacturer, as well as other parties who were involved in getting the person to take the drug in question.

Although medicine can save people’s lives and greatly increase their quality of life, it can also lead to injury. Furthermore, even with oversight from the FDA, death from dangerous drugs is still a possibility. Anyone in Orange County who has suffered from a defective drug should understand their legal options. While pharmaceuticals can greatly improve people’s lives, sometimes they can also lead to injury and unnecessary loss of life.

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