Products liability cases flow from many different circumstances

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New products constantly make their way into the marketplace, where consumers ultimately determine their success by either buying the new products or leaving them on the shelf. Many products that Orange County residents buy are commercially successful because they make life easier or solve some kind of common problem. A refrigerator, for example, keeps food cold and prevents spoilage. On the other hand, some products merely satisfy consumer desire.

Regardless of whether a product helps to take care of a person’s wants or their needs, no product should be on the market unless it is safe for use. This is just as true for complex products like motor vehicles or medical equipment as it is for simpler products, like plastic children’s toys or household cleaning solutions.

While product safety should always be the top priority for manufacturers, distributors and retailers, sometimes dangerous products do make their way into the hands of consumers. This can happen because a negligent manufacturer assembled the product improperly, or with unsafe materials. Likewise, products can also be a danger to consumers as a result of poor product design or insufficient warnings about certain known dangers of the product.

At Easton & Easton, our attorneys have six decades worth of experience in dealing with the aftermath of products that harm consumers. From rollover SUV accidents to toxic chemicals in household products, we understand how to collect and present evidence to help prove that a person’s injuries resulted from a dangerous product.

Our firm’s website contains more information on products liability causes of action. The website, in addition to a consultation with our staff, can be a helpful resource in moving forward with a case involving a dangerous product. We may be able to help prove other parties’ liability following a fatal product liability case or one that results in non-fatal injuries.

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