How can drivers in passenger vehicles avoid truck accidents?

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Anyone in Orange County who has seen a truck accident while driving, or even just in the news, understands the horrific damage that can result. Semi-trucks have immense weight and can create enormous force when they collide with another vehicle. People who are in cars or even SUVs are lucky to escape with their lives if they are involved in an accident with a semi-truck. Because truck accidents can be so deadly, all drivers should know some basic ways to help avoid them.

One key to staying out of an accident with a truck is for drivers in the smaller vehicles to stay out of the truck driver’s blind spots. Because trucks are so large, the driver cannot see every part of the truck while driving. These areas, also known as “no-zones,” are directly behind the truck, and also on each side of the truck or trailer. If a car driver finds themselves in one of these “no-zones,” they should do whatever they can to safely get out of that area.

Similar to avoiding the semi-truck’s “no-zones,” drivers in other vehicles must be cognizant of a truck that is changing lanes or trying to merge onto a highway. If a truck is changing lanes or merging, drivers in nearby vehicles should speed up or slow down to help ensure the truck moves into the lane safely. Likewise, if a car is trying to merge onto a highway in front a truck, the car driver should be sure to merge with ample speed so that the truck driver does not have to slam on the brakes. Truck drivers cannot stop their vehicles on a dime and they cannot make tight turns.

If drivers in cars and other smaller vehicles would follow some of these common sense tips, they might be able to avoid being involved in a fatal commercial truck accident. On the other hand, truck drivers and their employers must also do everything that they can to operate these large vehicles as safely as possible. After all, even the most defensive of car drivers can still find themselves involved in an accident caused by a semi-truck driver’s negligent actions.

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