Drivers must accept responsibility of sharing roads with bikers

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Any time a biker is sharing the road with motor vehicles, the rider should be especially vigilant about protecting himself or herself from an accident. This could mean putting on brightly colored clothing before the ride, as well as wearing appropriate safety gear like a helmet. It could also mean trying to anticipate when a driver in an automobile might turn his or her vehicle in a way that would otherwise make it difficult for the biker to avoid an accident.

All bikers in Orange County should take safety into their own hands and do everything that they possibly can to avoid an accident. At the same time, people in motor vehicles also have a responsibility to share the roads with bikers and to help keep them safe.

It is easy for people in cars and trucks to fall into the trap of thinking that the roadways are only designed for their vehicles. In reality, however, many roads in the Orange County area are amenable to bicyclists.

Our law firm’s website has a variety of helpful information related to bicycle accidents and how California law applies to these and other types of accidents on Orange County’s roadways. We know that bike accident victims can face hefty medical expenses and other accident-related damages, including lost wages. But the monetary damages pale in comparison to the severe injuries that can change a victim’s life following a bicycle accident.

At Easton & Easton, LLP, we know how to prosecute personal injury cases stemming from bike accidents. We collect evidence and do all of the legal fighting, so that victims and their families can concentrate on recovering and moving on from the accident.

Careful driving is one way to prevent accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles. But when a driver fails to meet their end of the bargain, we can help clients seek to hold that driver accountable.

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