Driving near tractor-trailers can be scary

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Anyone who has ever driven on the highways in and around Orange County has probably seen and shared the road with tractor-trailers. These massive trucks are prevalent on California’s highways, just as they are on highways all across the country.

Truck drivers crisscross the country picking up and delivering a wide range of goods and materials like food, construction supplies and even dangerous chemicals. Although most drivers in other vehicles are used to seeing these large trucks on the road, it doesn’t mean that they feel comfortable driving next to them.

Driving next to a large commercial truck can be unnerving for a few reasons. First, even though the truck driver must have special training and a commercial license to operate the vehicle, they can’t necessarily always exercise perfect control over it. For example, the trailer might shift within a driving lane or even breach the lane line and move partially into another lane. This can happen regardless of the driver’s efforts to avoid it. Seeing this happen can cause drivers in smaller vehicles feel the need to get out of the truck’s way in case it crosses the line and causes a collision.

Another scary thing about these trucks is their size and weight. Anyone in a smaller vehicle can intuitively understand that his or her car will likely not be able to withstand an impact with such a large vehicle. This means that people in the smaller vehicle usually suffer the worst injuries in an accident with a large truck.

The attorneys at Easton & Easton have seen the injuries and damages that a commercial truck accident can cause. Whether the accident resulted from some form of reckless driving, truck driver fatigue or any other number of factors, we understand how to pursue compensation for victims of trucking accidents.

Driving next to a large commercial vehicle can be scary because most people have seen or heard about horrific accidents involving these vehicles. Our webpage about commercial truck accidents may be useful for those who are interested in learning more about such accidents.

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