Unsafe products a post-holiday reality for some

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Although the holidays have come and gone, many kids and adults in Orange County are probably still having fun with gifts that they received during the season. Whether that gift is the latest and greatest model of a popular toy or something like a household appliance, owners should always understand how the product is supposed to work before attempting to use it.

Many companies choose the busy holiday shopping weeks to launch new products that they hope will yield huge sales for their companies. In some cases, designers and manufacturers may even rush products to market specifically to capture some of the holiday shopping demand. Still, these efforts should never come at the expense of product safety.

Sometimes manufacturers and retailers feel the pressure of having to hit difficult sales targets. This can mean pushing a constant stream of new products to market without having the opportunity to fully develop the safety aspects of that product. In addition, a rush to production can result in design or manufacturing defects, which can ultimately injure product users.

At Easton and Easton LLP, we know that unsafe products can cause all kinds of terrible injuries to people who use them. Whether the danger was the fault of poor design or a negligent manufacturer, an injured victim has legal rights to pursue compensation. The same is true if a product is sold without sufficient warnings regarding assembly and use of the product.

Our firm has the experience and knowledge that it takes to move complex products liabilitycases forward. If you or a loved one suffer injuries from any kind of a product, our attorneys can help pursue your claim.

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