Risks of cycling become clear as popularity grows

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In just about every city in the United States and around the world, more and more people are taking to the street by bike. Bicycles are often seen as a solution to many urban problems such as traffic, pollution, and poor public health. Getting on a bike reducing greenhouse gas emissions, eases up traffic on city streets, and gives riders a bit of exercise on their way to work, the store, or school. With all these benefits, many cities are looking for more ways to become bike-friendly, and that means taking a close look at safety as well as convenience.

Studies have shown that there is safety in numbers for cyclists, meaning that the more bikes there are on the road on a regular basis, the less fatal accidents occur. This may be in part because drivers of cars are more aware of the issue and know to keep an eye out for bikes.

It is important to remember that a death for someone riding a bicycle is not just a statistic about safety, it is the loss of a loved one for friends and family. Unfortunately in many cases cars, buses, trucks, and other larger vehicles can collide with a cyclist and the cyclist suffers some serious or even fatal injuries. When a family loses a loved one because of careless driving they are entitled to seek compensation through a wrongful death action. This compensation may cover hospital bills, funeral costs, lost wages, and other less easily quantifiable losses, such as the loss of a spouse.

Source: CNN, “City cycling: Road to fitness, or accident waiting to happen?” Lesley Evans Ogden, March 4, 2014.

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