Do You Believe You Have A Product Liability Claim?

California courts pioneered the law that holds manufacturers, distributors, and sellers strictly liable for manufacturing or design defects or insufficient instructions or warning of potential safety hazards.

Any product that is manufactured (automobiles, toys, machines, drugs, medical devices, consumer products of any type, etc.) is subject to strict liability in tort for manufacturing or design defects or insufficient warnings if that failure causes injury to any person.

Automobiles can have defectively designed gas tanks that explode in accidents or safety restraint systems that don't safely restrain the occupant, or inadequate roof support that crushes in a roll over accident or inadequate steering, suspension and wheel base that allows a vehicle to roll over too easily during an evasive driving maneuver. Automobile drivers are statistically going to be involved in many different types of accidents, and the cars must be reasonably crashworthy so as not to increase the severity of a person's injuries in an accident. Automobile manufacturers have a duty to anticipate the various types of accidents that might occur and design their cars in such a manner to not increase a person's injuries due to a lack of crashworthiness.

Over 70 Years Of Combined Experience

At Easton & Easton, LLP, we have a combined 70 years of experience in representing injured people in product liability claims. In the mid 1970's, Doug Easton argued Ault vs. International Harvish before the California Supreme Court, a seminal case establishing that evidence of a remedial change in a product can be used to help establish that the original product was defective.

We have successfully represented people in complex automobile design cases involving roof crush and resultant quadriplegic, and in roll-overs causing occupant ejection from the vehicle. We have successfully represented people in accidents involving exploding gas tanks and seat belts that failed to restrain the occupant. We have successfully represented people injured by air bags that deployed when they should not causing deafness and air bags that did not deploy when they should allowing more serious injuries to occur. We have successfully represented people in many other products liability cases involving defective medical devices, consumer products, drugs, and machines.

Our experience allow us to seamlessly assess and coordinate medical care to make certain the full extent of our clients' injuries are identified, treated, and provable.

We understand the tricks, stratagems, and defenses the insurance companies and their attorneys use to defeat or minimize a claim, and at Easton & Easton, LLP, we utilize our experience, skill, and dedication to make certain our clients do not fall victim to the insurance companies' tricks and stratagems.

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