When Rideshare Services Cause Car Accidents

In the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, there are dozens of competing rideshare services (called transportation network companies or TNCs by law). While these services have become increasingly popular in recent years, they have also become increasingly involved in dangerous car accidents. Their drivers face tremendous time pressures and often drive while distracted by the apps as they look at the screen on their smartphone to find the next ride they can take. Many pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers have been harmed by the innate distraction the use of these types of ridesharing apps requires.

At Easton & Easton, we represent people who have been harmed in accidents caused by rideshare services such as:

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Sidecar
  • Groundlink

Why Rideshare Car Accident Cases Are Complex. Why We Can Help.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a rideshare service, you may be feeling overwhelmed and confused in addition to being in pain. Rideshare companies often give injury victims the runaround. The rideshare companies deny responsibility, and so do the insurance companies providing coverage to individual drivers. People often start trying to collect compensation for their damaged vehicles and health care expenses, and then give up or settle for much less than they deserve — just out of frustration.

You don't have to give up. You can turn to Easton & Easton for help. At our firm, we have extensive trial experience and the in-depth knowledge necessary to handle these complex personal injury cases.

The law is made more complex in these types of cases because rideshare apps are relatively new. There is not a long history of cases that have been decided, so attorneys must be forceful in taking action. They must think strategically to hold these companies accountable and must understand the new laws and legislation that are being developed in California to clarify the recourses of victims injured by rideshare drivers. At Easton & Easton, this is precisely what we do.

Don't try to deal with the insurance companies on your own. Insurance companies are notorious for taking injury victims' words, twisting them, and using them to diminish the value of claims or deny payment altogether. Rather, call us immediately so we may take this burden from your shoulders and begin fighting for you.

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