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While automobile accidents occur on the same highways and roads as motorcycle accidents, the results can often be drastically different because motorcyclists lack almost all of the protective coverings and safety features that come standard with an automobile.

$3,060,000 Lane Splitting Motorcycle Accident in Carpool Lane

In 2016, Easton & Easton acquired $3,060,000 for a client who had suffered a traumatic motorcycle accident when a shuttle bus illegally changed lanes across the double yellow lines into the carpool lane of the 405 freeway. Our client was lane splitting on the edge of the carpool lane at the time, which is why the shuttle bus did not see him. While the bus company initially disputed liability due to our client’s lane splitting, we were ultimately able to show that the bus driver’s illegal action was the true cause of the collision and they accepted full liability.

As a result of this accident, our client slammed into the side of the bus and then crashed onto the roadway, suffering a fractured pelvis, torn ACL, internal degloving wounds, and various shearing wounds. He underwent three surgeries and more than a year of physical therapy, and incurred $300,000 in medical bills. After demonstrating the significant effect that this accident had on our client’s life, the shuttle bus company sought an early mediation and paid $3,060,000 without our client having to undergo a deposition or trial.

Handling Serious Injuries After A Motorcycle Crash

Motorcyclists are openly exposed to the hard concrete road and the other fast moving vehicles traveling on that road. Even when motorcyclists in an accident are wearing proper protective pads and a helmet, they still often suffer extremely severe injuries resulting in serious spinal cord trauma, painful burn injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or even the wrongful death of the motorcyclist.

In addition, because of the motorcyclist's increased exposure to the road, defects in the road that would not affect an automobile can have devastating consequences for a motorcycle rider. In such cases, the city or government entity responsible for maintaining the roads may be held liable for causing the accident. However, proving liability in such cases can be difficult and will usually require the skill of experienced experts, like those that work with Easton & Easton, LLP.

Despite the increased potential for injury and the additional hazards for motorcycle riding, these cases can also be very difficult to win because of the stigmas that have been attached to motorcyclists and motorcycle riding. Because we have all seen some motorcyclists zoom past us on the freeway, weaving in and out of traffic, all motorcyclists have been stigmatized and this stigma can even reach their meritorious lawsuits. Even some Highway Patrol officers will approach accidents involving motorcyclists with preconceived suspicions that the motorcyclist may be at fault. For this reason, it is imperative that you have attorneys who are experienced in these types of cases and who are able to overcome these stigmas to prove the merits of your claim.

A Recent Client

For example, as the video above explains, attorneys at Easton & Easton, LLP achieved a $1,000,000 settlement in 2009 for a motorcyclist who was found at fault for the accident by the CHP.

In that case, our client was in a head-on collision with another motorcyclist on a canyon road. The collision resulted in the death of the other motorcyclist. Our client suffered numerous injuries, including head trauma that resulted in amnesia surrounding the accident. Based on a set of skid marks going across the double yellow lines, our client was found at fault for the accident by the CHP. Because of this CHP finding, our client's insurance carrier settled a claim by the heirs of the other motorcyclist who died for approximately $300,000.

About 1 year after the accident, the client came to us for help. Within a short period of time, through a proper accident reconstruction, we were able to determine that the skid marks the CHP relied upon were not even motorcycle skid marks at all, but had in fact been created by a braking semi-truck long before this accident. With this analysis, we were able to debunk the CHP's accident report and prove instead that the other motorcyclist had actually caused the accident.

With this information, we settled our claim against the other motorcyclist's insurance for the full policy limit of $30,000. Thereafter, we were able to settle an underinsured motorist claim with our client's own insurance carrier for the full remainder of the policy- $970,000. This client came to our office with significant medical bills and a CHP report blaming him for the accident, and he left our office just a few short months later with a $1,000,000 settlement and the comfort of knowing that he was not at fault for the accident.

Attorneys at Easton & Easton, LLP have many years of experience in handling motorcycle accident cases. We know how to use the tools of the law and reputable experts to our clients favor in proving the true cause of a motorcycle accident. Our years of experience also allow us to seamlessly assess and coordinate medical care to make certain the full extent of our clients' injuries are identified, treated, and provable.

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