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At Easton & Easton, we look for the human story behind every one of our cases. We are a family of dedicated attorneys, providing support and representation to our clients in the courtroom and outside it. In fact, a number of our recent cases have drawn significant media attention locally and nationally. Read on to learn more.

  • The TODAY show interviews Doug Easton regarding the egregious errors of the OC Coroner in misidentifying a homeless body.
  • ABC 7 News interviews Matt and Brian Easton about a shocking case where a woman fell onto our client from the 11th floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
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  • Matthew Easton describes to CNN how mistakes by the Orange County coroner resulted in devastating emotional stress for our clients.
  • ABC 7 News interviews Doug and Brian Easton regarding problems of the OC Coroner that allowed the tragic misidentification of a homeless body.
    WATCH THE VIDEO @ABC 7 Eyewitness News
  • Doug Easton discusses identification errors at the coroner's office: "the homeless really get the short shrift here in Orange County."
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  • A breakthrough surgery helped our client survive a critical spine injury. Doctors at UCLA Spine Center said they had heard of only eight such cases nationwide.
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  • Our client, a software engineer from Costa Mesa, describes what he remembers after his spine was broken when a woman fell on him from an 11th-floor window.
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  • "Are you sitting down?" Our client receives news that his son, whom he believed to be dead and buried, is still alive.
  • The Orange County Sheriff's Department releases a statement, apologizing to our clients for the coroner's botched identification.
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  • Matthew Easton stands up for both families affected by the OC coroner's mistakes and fraudulent misrepresentations.
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  • Despite a misidentified body, Orange County supervisors approve the coroner's statewide training contract.
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  • Doug Easton discusses the coroner's errors that led to the misidentification of our clients' loved ones.
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  • Matthew Easton responds to news that the investigation into the coroner's misidentification may take up to a year.
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  • Our clients express dismay at how their loved one could have been misidentified by the Orange County coroner.
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  • "We lived through our worst fear." Our clients comment on the shock and grief resulting from the misidentification of their loved one.
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  • NBC News reports on the Orange County coroner's mistakes and the impact on our clients' lives.
  • MSN reports on the coroner misidentification case.
  • Our clients' unfortunate ordeal receives attention from international news sources. Doug Easton comments on the case.
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  • The Guardian reports in the United Kingdom on the OC coroner's botched identification.
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  • The Los Angeles & San Francisco Daily Journal recently featured an in depth profile of Easton & Easton, the attorneys, and the successes they have achieved for so many of their clients.
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