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Suffering a serious injury or losing a cherished family member in an accident will have a devastating effect on the injury victim and loved ones. In a fraction of a second, the hopes and dreams of a promising future can be lost forever.

We are the personal injury trial attorneys of Easton & Easton, LLP, in the South Coast Metro Area of Costa Mesa, California. We have seen firsthand how an accident caused by the negligence of another party can result in catastrophic injury and financial damages that can last a lifetime. We are a family of lawyers that aggressively fights to help victims of negligence recover their lives.

Proven Case Results

We recently settled a wrongful death case for $2.75 million where the decedent was 55 years old with no wife or children, just two surviving parents in their 80's. The defendants' insurance carrier initially expected to pay only a nominal amount to settle the case of these 80-year-old parents who had no economic losses as a result of their son's death. But because we demonstrated the unique bond these parents shared with their son by persuasively telling their poignant family story, we were able to significantly increase the value of their case. After seeing how we would present this elderly couple's case before a jury, the insurance company knew that taking the matter to trial could result in a substantially higher verdict based on our advocacy. Consequently, we were able to settle the case for an amount far in excess of our clients' wildest dreams without them having to go through the pain and ordeal of a lengthy trial. Because the amount and nature of this settlement were so unique, Doug, Brian, and Matt Easton all received Commendations from the City of Lancaster for their work in this case and the settlement was chosen as #18 in The Recorder's Top Million-Dollar Verdicts & Settlements in California for 2013.

Insurance companies know that we prepare cases to win in court — not just at the negotiating table. With more than 60 combined years of experience, we know what it takes to recover full and fair compensation from large national insurance companies. We are not a lawsuit mill that just settles cases. We have strong name-recognition among insurance companies and defense attorneys, particularly in the Orange County metro area. They know our firm and know that we are always prepared to go to trial. Our reputation leads to better settlements for our clients. We are confident we can help you recover the money you are entitled to — but only if you call.

From our offices in Costa Mesa, our attorneys represent victims of negligence in Orange County and communities in nearby Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and San Diego County. Call us toll free at 800-461-8259 or contact our offices by email to arrange a free case evaluation with one of our Costa Mesa personal injury lawyers today. We handle all personal injury and wrongful death cases on contingency-fee basis.

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Don't talk to an insurance adjuster until you talk to us. Call us if you suffered an injury or lost a loved one in any kind of accident.

  • Motor vehicle accidents: We have years of experience helping people recover compensation for medical treatment, lost earnings and pain and suffering related to car, truck and motorcycle accidents.
  • Premises liability: Slip-and-fall accidents are often complex cases because of the high standards of evidence. We can help you recover money damages for injuries suffered as a result of an accident at a private residence, retail store or public property.
  • Product liability: We hold product manufacturers accountable for unsafe design and manufacturing of consumer, industrial and children's products. If you were injured because of a defect or unsafe design, talk to us first.
  • Catastrophic injuries and wrongful death: Our experience includes settlements and trial victories in cases involving life-ending and life-changing accidents, including severe neck and back injuries, brain injuries and burn injuries.

"We look for the human story behind every injury or wrongful death. We prepare our cases for trial; reaching out to the jury with the most compelling evidence possible for the best verdict possible. Insurance companies know this and come to the table prepared to negotiate in good faith. Call us to see how we can turn your story into fair compensation."
Attorney W. Douglas Easton

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Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening and weekend appointments are available by special arrangement. We can also arrange to travel to your home, hospital room or other convenient location to meet with you and your family. If you hire us, we will handle your claim on a contingency-fee basis. We don't win unless you win.

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Recent Cases:

Significant Automobile Settlements

Recently, we secured two significant settlements of $1,240,000 and $1,300,000, which are being featured as the #1 on California’s Top Million-Dollar Broadside Motor Vehicle Settlements for 2014 and #3 on California’s Top Million-Dollar Rear-end Motor Vehicle Settlements for 2014, respectively. In the first case, our client was a breast cancer survivor who was three months post-op to her breast reconstruction when she was T-boned and her healed incision was ruptured. After the rupture was surgically repaired the day after the collision, this client experienced a breast infection that appeared to resolve a few days later. She then experienced recurrent infections several months later after a trip to Mexico following a nipple graft procedure. These recurrent infections ultimately lead to various complications and the removal of her breast implant for over a year.

The Defendants’ physicians contended that all of our client’s more serious complications stemmed from the subsequent infections after her Mexico trip, and therefore were unrelated to the car accident. But, we were able to show that a jury was more likely to conclude that our client had developed a biofilm infection after the initial infection caused by this incident and that this biofilm ultimately lead to the subsequent infections, such that the Defendants were liable for all of our client’s complications. This convinced them to compensate her for the full extent of her injuries and the case settled one month before trial for $1,240,000.

In the second case, we acquired $1,300,000 for a client who was rear-ended in Newport Beach by a drunk driver being chased by the police at a high rate of speed in a residential community.

The force of the impact sent our client’s car more than 500 feet down the roadway, up the curb, and into a tree. As a result of the collision, our client suffered an injury to her throat causing her to be intubated and hospitalized in the ICU for 10 days. She then spent another 12 days in the hospital and at a rehab facility. She required a G-tube for more than 6 months after her discharge from the hospital as she continued to struggle with swallowing liquids due to her injuries from this accident. Ultimately, the medical specials related to this incident amounted to approximately $248,000. While these injuries were serious, none were of a permanent and lasting nature, and our client was able to return to work full-time within 4 months after the accident.

During our pre-litigation investigation, we were able to ascertain facts regarding a prior history of evading the police by this drunk driver in order to establish a powerful claim for punitive damages. Using the despicable conduct of the drunk driver and the corresponding threat of punitive damages, we were then able to acquire the drunk driver’s full $1,300,000 policy limits less than a year after the accident to the great joy and surprise of our client without the hassle of a lawsuit or further delay.

Head-On Motorcycle Collision

The video above explains how we helped this client obtain a $1,000,000 settlement even though the CHP Report from the accident scene found him at fault for causing the head-on collision, which resulted in the death of the other driver. When this client came to us more than a year after the accident had occurred with no memory of the collision, we agreed to take on his case and were able to recreate the conditions of his accident with an Accident Reconstruction Expert and prove that the deceased driver had been at fault for the collision.

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